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About Microblading


Cosmetic Tattoos are Semi-Permanent. They will fade over time and require a touch up every 1-3 years. Frequency of touchups depends on the client's skin, pigments used (lighter colors fade faster) and other factors such as skincare routine, sun exposure, chemical peels, etc. Touch-ups are normal for cosmetic tattoo procedures, with each new procedure requiring 2 visits. The initial procedure followed by a touch-up procedure about 6-8 weeks later. Previously tattooed eyebrows may require one or two additional appointments and will require a consultation prior to first appointment. 


Does it hurt?

Pain tolerance varies greatly from person to person, but I use a topical anesthetic cream and gel that are highly-effective for numbing, both before and during your procedure. Every effort will be made to ensure that you remain comfortable during your procedure. 

What is the healing process?

The tattooed area will appear thicker and darker than expected for the first few day after the procedure. This will gradually lighten while the tattoo goes through the complete healing process. You can expect some dry skin and flakiness while your new cosmetic tattoo heals. If you are familiar with healing traditional tattoos, you will find that healing cosmetic tattoos is very similar.

Brows & Freckles tend to heal in 7-10 days, while Lips heal in about 4-7 days.  Clients will receive detailed aftercare instructions during their procedure. 


Can I wear makeup while my brows are healing?

You will need to remain makeup free for at least 10-14 days after the procedure. Any cosmetics (foundation, powders, moisturizer, primer, etc) on the treatment area can affect the way that the pigment heals in your skin. 


If you have had botox or fillers, please let me know as I need 3-4 weeks of a resting period after your last injection to ensure they have settled.


About Lip Blush

Lip Blush is a semipermanent Cosmetic Tattoo that adds definition and a soft flush of color to your lips. Pigment colors are custom mixed for your skin tone to give you a natural look with no makeup. Think of it as your own lips, but better!

Can I get Lip Blush if I have dark lips?

Lip Blush results can be achieved on clients with melanin-rich lips, but multiple sessions may be needed to reach the desired results. Clients with very darkly pigmented lips or those with very cool/blue undertones may not be the best candidates for lip blush. If you would like to know if you’re a good candidate for Lip Blush, please email a clear photo of your lips for approval.

Does it hurt?

Pain tolerance varies greatly from person to person, but I use a topical anesthetic cream and gel that are highly-effective for numbing, both before and during your procedure. Every effort will be made to ensure that you remain comfortable during your procedure. 

As much as I would love to tattoo every client, not everyone is a candidate for lip blush due to the following contraindications

(Please be honest if you experience any of the following below as it can greatly affect your skin, I will need to confirm before scheduling an appointment):

  • Keloids (Not recommended under any circumstances)

  • Pregnant or Breast Feeding

  • Heart Problems (Consult with Doctor First)

  • Cold Sores (Must not have a current break out. Please understand if you do get lip blush and get cold sores, you do run a risk of a break out afterwards.)

  • HIV/Hepatitis

  • Blood Thinning Medication (Consult Doctor First)

  • Irritated Skin (Please wait until any irritated skin has healed before booking your appointment. This includes rosacea, eczema, blemishes, sunburns, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, electrolysis, Botox)

  • Smoker/Vaping - Can make results much darker, please speak with me first.

Microblading 1st session (2-2.5 HRS)

  • $550 (Recommended for Dry or Combination Skin Types)


Microblading & Shading 1st session (2.5 HRS) 

  • $600 (Highly Recommended for Oily skin types)


Perfecting session 6-8 weeks after initial appointment (REQUIRED) (1.5-2HRS)

  • $150 (This appointment is required to perfect your eyebrows, add dimension and density)


Microblading Color Correction/Coverup from previous artist - Requires 2nd Perfecting Session listed above.

  • $650 (This is for clients who have had their brows previously microbladed/tattooed by another artist. I must see photos before booking an appointment.)


Annual - 18 Month Touchup/Color Boost

  • $300 (Good for refreshing your eyebrows as they are meant to fade over time)



Faux Freckles

Lip Blush (First Session) - $400

Lip Blush (2nd Session) - $150

(Highly advised for best results but not required)

Annual Color Boost - $300

Freckles range from $150 - $400 depending on amount. Please email reference imagery to an accurate price quote.

Booking Policy

Please note our booking and pricing guidelines as follows:

To secure the tattoo appointments we require a $150 deposit. This deposit will cover your entire 2nd session and you will not owe anything that day!


We have a strict 48 hour cancellation policy. Any appointment rescheduled WITH proper notice will be awarded a new date with no penalty. Likewise, any outright cancellation will be afforded a 50% refund of the deposit, so long as the proper notice was given. Any appointment canceled or rescheduled within that 48 hour period will result in a forfeit of the full deposit. Lastly, we book your appointment time based on the initial design discussed. If you change your idea, you are subject to being rescheduled or possibly even forfeiting your deposit. All card payments both in person or over the phone will incur a 3% processing fee. To avoid this fee, you may bring cash to your appointment! Lastly, we ask that you please come to your appointment alone.

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